Mediation is a process where a neutral third party assists two parties who disagree but who are willing to try to talk and listen to move towards resolution. It can be a cost effective, time efficient solution that encourages cooperation instead of adversity between the parties. The mediator provides a structure that reduces the conflict between the parties, and encourages them to find mutually agreeable solutions. The process and any outcome remains confidential between the parties involved and the success of the process is controlled by the participants.

The general principles of mediation are:

  • The parties must be willing to allow a neutral third party to help them come to an agreement;
  • The mediator must be acceptable to both parties;
  • The mediator cannot have been involved in mediation with either party previously, or have received privileged information from either party previously;
  • The mediator cannot have any conflict of interest, which means the mediator’s background must not suggest that she would favour either party;
  • The parties must be willing to listen to each other, or to be flexible in their positions;
  • The mediator must remain neutral throughout the process;
  • The mediator controls the process;
  • The parties control the settlement;
  • The parties must attend voluntarily and cannot be forced to negotiate or settle.

North Shore Pro Bono Society offers pro bono family mediation to low income individuals with concerns in the areas of property division, support and custody. The first step is to contact North Shore Pro Bono Society by completing and returning the Initial Intake Mediation Form. The form can be filled out online and submitted directly to our offices, or you can print the form and email or mail a completed form.

If you have questions regarding your situation and want to know if mediation is a fit for you, please contact us at:

North Shore Pro Bono Society

220, 545 Clyde Avenue
West Vancouver, BC, V7T 1C5

Phone: 778-786-0615


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