Estate planning helps ensure that your final wishes are respected, that your children are looked after and that your estate provides the benefits you intended. Most people tend to put off thinking about what would happen if they were to die or become incapable of managing their affairs. There are three documents everyone should have:

  1. Will
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Representation Agreement

A Will sets out who you want to take care of your estate, who is to receive your assets and who will be the guardian of your children. If a person dies without a will, these decisions might be made by people who don’t know what you would have preferred and your assets might go to people you would not have chosen.

A Power of Attorney is a document that names a person to handle your financial and legal affairs, should you become incapable of managing them yourself.

A Representation Agreement allows you to name someone you trust to make health and personal care decisions for you should you become unable to make such decisions yourself.

North Shore Pro Bono Society provides pro bono estate planning assistance to low income individuals who want to ensure that they have a valid will and all documents in place to handle their financial and personal matters should they not be able to. Having a will, power of attorney and representation agreement means that you have control over important decisions in situations where you cannot or will not be able to make them yourself. Let us help you prepare your estate documents and ensure they meet all the requirements of our provincial laws. The first step is to contact North Shore Pro Bono Society by completing and returning the Initial Intake Wills Form. The form can be filled out online and submitted directly to our offices, or you can print the form and email or mail a completed form. If you have questions regarding your situation and want to know if estate planning is a fit for you, please contact us at:

North Shore Pro Bono Society

220, 545 Clyde Avenue
West Vancouver, BC, V7T 1C5

Phone: 778-786-0615


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