North Shore Pro Bono Society is proud to offer the opportunity for new mediators throughout Greater Vancouver to work with experienced mediators, and at the same time, offer families an outstanding service. Our two main objectives are to offer quality mentoring experiences and excellent client services. This will be achieved by offering high-quality co-mediation for families experiencing separation and a mentoring experience for new mediators. Associate mediators will have the opportunity to be taught best practices through real life experiences and circumstances. Watching and learning from an experienced mentor is invaluable for continued knowledge and practice. Families will benefit from the distinctive traits that two mediators bring to the table such as another set of eyes and ears, different perspectives, added strengths and abilities, and varied life experiences.

North Shore Pro Bono Society would like to invite experienced and associate mediators to participate in our co-mediation project by completing and submitting the application form. If we can facilitate co-mediation opportunities throughout our community, the families in our community will be able to receive superior services.


Co-Mediation Application Form
Standards of Conduct for Mediators
Mentoring Tips, Techniques and Best Practices
Co-Mediation Model
Stages in the Mediation Process